Helping You Achieve Your Full Potential

Music Promtion

Do you want to expand your audience and receive real engagement and growth? 

Music marketing allows you to raise more awareness for your music. You will be letting people know your music exists. We're a young creative team that combined has 10 Years of experience in the industry. Allow us to help you achieve your full potential.


Spotify Promotion

We can help build your streams not just on Spotify but across other platforms such as Apple Music Promotion and Soundcloud.

We want your music to be heard, we will carefully plan a campaign and drive the right traffic for results.

With Spotify promotion, we will share your music with playlist creators in your genre.

Music Video Promotion

Having a Music video allows artists to express their creativity. It's one of the best ways to bring attention and promote your music.

There are many different ways to promote a music video such as Social media promotion and Youtube promotion. At 7ven Star we can provide not just Music promotion but a chance to work with some of our videographers and directors to ensure you achieve your goals.


Music, PR,Press & Blogs

Do you want to be featured in music reviews, blogs etc?

With our campaigns, we pitch your music to be featured to our press contacts. 


Social Media Marketing

Working across platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Tikttok, Facebook and Snapchat. We will deliver campaigns to your targeted audience, helping you build your brand and get more followers.